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The VascuTherm2 solid state device provides heat, cold (without ice), c0mpression, and/or DVT prophylaxis therapy.  The system is pre-programmed per written physician's instructions for fully automatic, safe, trouble free use in the patient's home.  It is indicated for pain, edema, and DVT prophylaxis for the post-operative orthopedic patient.  The precisely controlled temperature range of 43 degrees F to 105 degrees F insures against frostbite or burns.  Therapy times are also pre-programmed to insure maximum patient compliance.  It is extremely easy for patients to set up and use.  

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VascuTherm Patient Introduction


For current Calamari/VascuTherm users:  please click on the f0llowing link for a brief instuctional video regarding connection, set up, and use of your VascuTherm2.

VascuTherm Set Up Instructions

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